Monday, June 15, 2009

June 8, 2009 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting
NMS – PSSC Committee Meeting
June 8th, 2009.
Shauna Miller Sherry Thomson Tracy Allen
Tracey Grattan Andrew Rowe Heather Touchie-Blakely
Alan Atkins (Staff) Carol Coleman (DEC Rep) John MacKenzie

Regrets: Anne Small Pat Campbell
Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

1. Welcome and Approval of Minutes
• Minutes of the May meeting will be combined with these minutes and distributed together.

2. D.E.C Report - Carol Coleman
• The District Education Plan for 2009 – 2013 was finalized with specific measurable targets identified. Information on this plan can be found on the DEC portal.
• Next year there will be a student on the DEC selected from the 5 Student Councils in the District.
• DEC approved the budget for next year.
• A request was made for a member of the Nashwaaksis Memorial school PSSC to attend one of our PSSC meetings. We are happy to have someone attend one of our PSSC meetings.

3. Friends of NMS Update - Andrew Rowe (for Mary Rowe)

• Friends of NMS had a Booth set up for Grade 5 Parents meeting.
• Friends held their Annual meeting and year end meeting.
• Friends are still having parents volunteering for the Grade 8 celebration/events.

4. Principal’s Report (Alan Atkins)

• To offer the Post Intensive French (PIF) which replaces the Core French in 2 years, we will move to a new 6-day cycle rather than our current 5 day schedule. To deliver the PIF there must be two blocks of instruction (80 minutes) together. The new schedule will mean that there will be 36 periods every 6 day cycle. With the 6 day cycle there is still 2 gym days. The benefit is that NMS will be able to offer an inter-mural program at lunch time due to the schedule change. The Immersion program will stay as is.
• Alan stated that he handed in the NMS Annual Report to the School Board.
• NMS received 9 awards at the recent Drama Festival.
• NMS won the UNB All Science Challenge. We should have received the second place award. Work is underway to ensure that happens.
• Grade 8 Parents presentation was well attended – 90 parents attended.
• Ottawa Trip was a success again this year.
• All students from the feeder Grade 5 schools were here for their visit prior to starting at the school in the fall.
• The St. Mary’s First Nations put on a Career Fair. NMS sent a bus load of grade 8’s to this. The Fair was interactive/hands on.
• We had our HPV inoculation for the girls.
• Hearing and vision testing were held for Grade 6 students.
• There was a good turn out for Grade 5 Parents Night. It was mostly attended by the parents of students that will go into the PIF program.
• Friends of NMS held their Annual General meeting.
• The tack and Field district competitions were held.
• The Grade 6 Science Assessment was held . The Grade 8 Math assessment is upcoming.
• The Hiking Club went to Fundy this last weekend.
• The Disabled Adults and Children conference was held here this last weekend. The group would like to make it an annual event here.
• June 17th is the Grade 8 celebration/events.
• We have not moved the recess to the lower field due to the wet weather and requirement for the track to be used for other activities.
• We will have a number of staff changes.

5. Follow up on previous action items

Student Voice – There is no additional update at this time. We are looking for 1 or 2 student representatives to participate in our PSSC meetings for the fall.

Nutrition and exams - Shauna posted a note on the blog covering meal ideas and the importance of students having a healthy breakfast and lunch before exams. A talk mail message was also sent to parents. Fruit was provided to students prior to the Grade 8 exams so the students could focus on the exams verses being distracted by being hungry.


6. Budget
• There is a committed $2000 for the PSSC for the upcoming year.
• If applying for a grant to get a supplemental $500 from the District, we need to request it early in September.

7. Parent Involvement = Student Success!
• Increased parent involvement is known to support student success at school.
• The question was raised, what can we do as a PSSC to get more engagement of parents in the student life at NMS?
• In particular, how can we get more fathers engaged in the school? One suggestion was sponsoring either a hockey night or Indy race in the theatre. We could have a “dad’s” day – walk and talk at lunch. We need to look at non school hours for these events as well as during school hours.

Action: Andrew to schedule a visioning/planning workshop to brainstorm a number of suggestions to increase Parent Involvement in the NMS school community. During the workshop we will also look at the other SIP activities. Participants for the workshop to include Friends of NMS, PSSC members, some students and other parent volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

Next meeting – September 2009.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nashwaaksis Middle School
PSSC Committee Meeting
June 8 2009

7:00 Call to order
Approval of Agenda
Approval of May Minutes
D.E.C Report- D.E.C Rep- Carol Coleman
Principal’s Report
Action Item Follow-up:

– It was suggested that students be asked to attend future PSSC meetings.

– Shauna will write a note; including meal ideas, on the importance of a healthy breakfast and lunch before exams which will be added to the blog. A talk mail message will also be sent to parents. If there is money remaining from the vegetable and fruit grants it could be used to provide fruit to students who did not have a healthy breakfast.

PSSC Budget

Discussion- Parent involvement = Student Success!

New Business

Next meeting September / October


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

April Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting
NMS – PSSC Committee Meeting
April 20, 2009

Anne Small Pat Campbell Shauna Miller
Sherry Thomson Mitch Claybourn John MacKenzie
Andrew Rowe Alan Atkins (Staff)

Regrets: Heather Touchie Carol Coleman (DEC Rep) Tracey Grattan Tracy Allen
Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1. Welcome and Approval of Minutes
• Minutes of the March meeting were presented and approved.

2. Friends of NMS Update - Mary Rowe PSSC liaison
• See attached submitted written report.

3. D.E.C Report - Carol Coleman

• None. Carol was unable to attend the meeting.

4. Principal’s Report
o Full day vision statement workshop to be held this Thursday. The mission statement may be revised.
o NMS participated in speeches both school wide and District wide in both French and English. Alan advised that the Oratorical contest is often held at NMS
o Tony Cox, a guitarist from South Africa performed to selected school students, particularly those that play guitar.

Action: Mitch to send an electronic copy of the Parent’s Conference Planner to Alan.

o Tell them from me program. The last 1/3 of NMS students will be participating in the survey. Bullying is still an issue at the school.
o Turn around achievement awards will be held this week. Travis Augustine is the recipient of this award from NMS this year. Alan will be attending the awards event.
o Members of PSSC, Friends of NMS and Alan will be going to a meeting to see how to get more volunteers into the school. This program is being run by the DEC.
o The National under 16 boys and girls wrestling championship was held here. At one point there were 1400 people at the school. The NMS infrastructure was not sufficient to handle the large number of people. Recommendations will be brought forward including to divide large groups into two different venues. Parking was an issue.
o Parent teacher interviews were held April 8 & 9th. There were a number of no shows. The District is always looking at the number of contacts during this period including e-mail, phone calls and face to face interviews.
o Fredericton is becoming a smart city. An individual from New York was here to evaluate Fredericton as part of this competition. Of 6 NMS classes he visited, 5 of them were on the laptops. He was very impressed with the school.
o The Tatoo will be on with all the grade 8 classes. Also having a grade 7 presentation about abuse – It’s not your fault.
o Leo Hayes peer mentors are here this week on April 24th to give the grade 8’s some information on what to expect in High School.
o SIP – Positive learning environment issues; meetings will be held with students in the theatre to advise them about focusing until the end of the year.
o A team will re-write the curriculum for 2nd Step – This is an anti-bullying program in the school.
o Finishing evaluation for “D contract” teachers. Haven’t heard yet who we will be getting back to the school next year.
o On Wednesday students will be wearing green in recognition of Earth Day.


5. Discussion: Use of outdoor areas around the school
o PSSC has endorsed the suggestion to try the large field as a trial outdoor area for the students. Moved Sherry Thomson, seconded Pat Campbell.

6. Student Improvement Plan (SIP)

• Request was made for all members of the PSSC to have a copy of the SIP so we can see how we can better support the items on the plan.

Action: Copy of SIP to be distributed to PSSC members. Discussion on this to be held at the May PSSC meeting.

7. Follow up to Previous Action Items

o The Leader in Me –Pat to provide a website address to Alan on this program so the administration can explore whether this program would be an option for NMS. Pat to resend the link to Alan.

o Schedule presentation on the Developmental Assets program for the PSSC. Alan to talk to the students and Valerie who attended the program.

o Alan to forward article on sexting to PSSC members and also will have it posted on the BLOG. Articles on sexting distributed at the meeting today.

o Andrew to send note to the DEC for support and direction on the cell phone policy. Completed. Received a response today. Andrew advised that the note will be on the agenda for the May 7th DEC meeting.

o Student Voice – Administration has not heard anything on this to date. Alan will forward information when he receives it.

o Alan to arrange to have information on the Green Matters essay and Earth Day hour posted on the BLOG. Completed.

Next meeting – May 11, 2009 7pm.

Friends Report to the PSSC - April 20, 2009

1. Teacher Appreciation Week- We had 20 volunteers who contributed to our luncheon on Feb. 10,2009. The teachers and staff were very appreciative of the vast amount of food our volunteers served up.

2. Feb 13,2009- We informed parents of the need for coaches at the school in part of an email we sent out, as per PSSC request.

3. Talent Show- Feb 19/20, 2009. Two of us helped with the final preparations for the Talent Show back stage. We spent Thursday and Friday organizing the kids, working with timing, calming pre performance jitters. It was a lot of fun.

4. Pink Shirt Day Feb 25, 2009- The office and hall were decorated by parent volunteers and kids as part of the national anti bullying campaign. All staff and hundreds of kids participated by wearing pink. It was a fun way to promote Anti bullying. The school was spot lighted on CBC, the Gleaner and Northside News.

5. Women's CIS Volleyball Trip- 3 parents supervised 46 students who went to UNB to watch the game.

6. Winter Carnival Feb 27, 2009- A group of parents served hot chocolate to children participating in outside activities on the 27th. We used the home ec room to heat up the hot chocolate. Special thanks to the cafeteria and to Janice MacFarlane for loaning the urns to do this with.

7. Knitting- A parent volunteer, Lynn Thibodeau has graciously offered to teach the kids to knit at lunch hour. It was on the announcements. Hopefully we will start this week.

8. Easter Decorating- We put up a few decorations in the office to make it more festive on March 26, 2009.

9. Easter Eggs- For Easter/PT interviews the teachers were treated to Easter eggs with chocolate and an inspirational quote.

10.Healthy Eating Initiative- Taco Soup- prepared Thursday April 16, 2009 in the evening and served
during the morning of the 17th. We had volunteers come out Thursday and then volunteers come out Friday. The volunteers really appeared to enjoy themselves and the kids had positive feedback on the soup.
11. Volunteer Week- This is national volunteer week. We had planned to have an event Thursday the 23rd over noon hour but have cancelled it. Due to conflicts for the time and many didn't feel they had done enough to warrant recognition, we have put this on hold. Many of our volunteers just want to help out .....

12. School Dance- April 29, 2009 will be the next school dance. An email was sent out today to volunteers regarding supervision of the event.

13. Grade 8 celebration- will get involved once information is sent out to the grade 8 parents.