Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 10, 2008 - Meeting Agenda

7:00 -7:05 Welcome, Approval of October’s Minutes and Approval of November’s Agenda

7:05-7:10 Friends of NMS update- Vicky Patterson

7:10 -7:15 D.E.C Report- D.E.C Rep-Pat Campbell

7:15 – 7:35 Principal’s Report

7:35 -7:50 Action Item Follow-up

1. School Improvement Plan ( see copy) – Alan

2. Maximizing our outdoor space- Spring-Alan

7:50–8:20 New Agenda Additional Items (identified prior to or at the meeting)

Naswaaksis Middle School Annual report and feedback from Diane Wilkins- Alan

Nutrition Policy: Policy # 18-711 and Appendix A –Alan

a) Are we in compliance?

b) Are there other ways to motivate students to action?

Availability of qualified french speaking substitute teachers. –Alan

PRA Time (practical and related arts) and the Health Curriculum- Alan

Talk mail new soft ware- Mitch

Dance admittance procedure-Alan

8:20-8:30 Additional items added at meeting


Monday, November 3, 2008

PSSC Minutes - October 8, 2008


Tracy Allen Mitch Claybourn Tracy Gratten
John MacKenzie Andrew Rowe Ann Small


Sherry Thompson Pat Cambell


Pat Coleman


Shauna Miller


Alan Atkins


Mary Rowe (Chair of Friends of NMS)
Mary Leo Dick (Co-chair of Friends of NMS)
Vicky Patterson (Co-chair of Friends of NMS)

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm
Andrew Rowe was asked to record the minutes for this meeting. To appoint the secretary at the next meeting.
Motion to approve Junes meeting minutes: moved Tracey Allen: no vote occurred as no other members were present at the June meeting other than the chair.
The agenda was approved with the following addition:
- Update of “The Glenda Saint Report”
Friends of NMS report (Vicky Patterson PSSC liaison)
- They are a task based group with 86 volunteers at this point (62 same time last year)
- Review of activities of the parent volunteer group from June to date including: Grade 8
celebration, grade 6 BBQ, volunteer forms, needs of the month, French book fair and, Corn boil. Details on Friends of NMS Blog
School improvement plan (Mr. Atkins)
- Has been translated to “Smart language”
- 9 pages → 3-4 pages
- 3 year plan / 1year in (starting year 2)
- Copies to be emailed to members
Action Item follow up…
Spirit Committee
- Valerie (Guidance) involved
- Monthly meetings
- Motivation for students
- Activities for students
- 11 of 787 students involved
- Look to increase number of students involved
- More training in the future?
Update Friends of NMS and Home and School (Mr. Atkins)
- Had 5 meetings over the summer to finalize the Constitution and Guidelines for Friends of NMS.
(posted on the Friends of NMS Blog which is attached to the NMS Blog)
- Friends of NMS fits the needs of our school and is working well
- Home and school has been tried in the past and has failed twice
- The question was asked, why not have both groups?
We have one group working well; there is no need for a second group.
Outdoor Space
- Long term plan, “ to reduce crime by environmental design”
- More information to be provided at the next meeting
Grade 8 Celebration
- Provide parents with the information earlier in the school year that the school is planning a
celebration including a dance.
- Hope that Friends of NMS can provide the “Muscle” to pull off a successful celebration this year as they did last year.
Dividers on the walk way (Mr. Atkins)
- Only go 2/3rd way down main entrance
- Want more for safety
- Funding is the issue
Principals Report
- 787 students/44 teachers/75 staff total
- Magazine campaign ongoing
- Safety week completed
- Professional Learning Committees (PLC) next Tuesday: sharing ideas between schools
- Interim reports next week
- Report cards out November 20/21st
- Teacher hired for re-connecting room, served 150 students last year (from 1 day to 1 month) to help them with school learning. Valuable tool for all middle schools.
- Question: 701 and police check required for all coaches? Yes, athletic directors look after this.
Additional items
- DEC hosting training and orientation session for PSSC members October 28th
- “Parenting in the 21st century” 7 week course on effective parenting of teens. Mitch to email
information to members.
- After school detention program: used for discipline, not used by all teams, note sent home to
parents one day prior to detention as they have to arrange for transport home.
- Talk mail, paper communication and blog for school special events
To carry remaining agenda to next meeting
Next meeting
Monday November 10th (tentative)
Submit agenda items by November 1st
Agenda to be sent out 1 week in advance
Meeting ended 8:40pm

Respectfully Submitted Andrew Rowe

Next meeting - November 10, 2008 - 7:00 p.m. - Reconnecting Room - NMS