Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PSSC Committee Meeting Minutes - March 13th, 2008

Members Present
Mitch Claybourn – Chair
Karen MacLean
Tina Brewer
Tracy Allen
Theresa Pyke
Heather Touchie-Blakely – Teacher Rep

Ex-Officio Members:
Alan Atkins – Principal

Members Absent
Lori MacMullen – Secretary
Susan Knorr
Lisa Rousseau
Deanna Stewart-McGarry
Glenda Saint – School Performance Coach

DEC Representative:
Bill Corby (Regrets)


Welcome, Approval of Minutes, Approval of Agenda

School Improvement Plan
• A problem solving team (including Alan & Mitch) will be struck to investigate the facilities we currently have.
• Review Second Step (anti-bullying)
o Are teachers finding it valuable?
o Keaghan did a PD session on “One-to-One”

Action Items Follow-up
• TTFM – this information has been posted on the monitor however it is still not on the BLOG.
• Spirit Committee - ACTION ITEM: Alan to have Mary contact Mitch for an update of activities.
• Fundraising for G White – Mitch to check with the parent and get back to Alan if the family wants this sort of attention/assistance. Due to the storms and March Break the Winter Carnival fundraising event was not able to take place.
• Year end trip – Trips should stick to educational themes. Alan to raise the year end trip issues at the next staff meeting.
• Grade 8 Celebration – The teachers and administration are planning a Luau and dance again this year. Events to include a BBQ, trip to Killarney Lake during the day and then a Hawaiian themed dance in the field house that evening. This event is much more cost effective than other events held in the past. Staff did it all last year, however Alan expects Friends of NMS to support and promotion this year.
• Hot Lunch program – The Healthy Minds budget is approximately $2000-$3000/year. The committee discussed bringing the issue to the teachers attention to see what percentage of the student body are affected. A memo will be circulated to them for their input. If the need is there, this initiative would be looked at to start in the fall, perhaps with the assistance of the Friends of NMS. Alan checked with the other middle schools in our area to see what they are doing. Devon use only snack foods and centrally locates at guidance area, George got out of providing snack foods and will provide cafe-cash to the students only if their parents can be reached.
Action Item: Tracey to draft the memo, Alan to circulate to the teachers.

Other Items
• Community Theatre – LHHS is looking into having a community theater built. This plan is still in the initial stages. The need is there. This was an election promise by TJ Burke. LHHS needs to get community support (letters of support)
• PRA / Home Economics – It is not a mandated part of the middle school curriculum. Funding is an issue. NOTE: if this program ended, the time could be used to supplement the phys ed time – currently it is only 90 min/week, but should be 120.

Principal’s Report
• Education announcement tomorrow re: future of French Immersion Program
• Night time travel: District has a new policy on night time travel. Due to this change, the Space Camp Trip has been modified (extended one day) in order to avoid travel at night. George St. was able to get the last day compressed in order to have students home before the “midnight deadline”.
• Laptop protocol: a new laptop protocol has been developed by Jeff Whipple. Mitch will review and then distribute to PSSC group.
• New Sound Fields: 39 classrooms have been equipped with sound field systems. The phys-ed department has experimented with 2 sound fields in Field house, however are unable to position them in a way which will work.
• Fieldhouse curtains: the curtains are ordered and are expected to be installed by the end of April or early May.
• Smartboards: the school is now equipped with 26 smartboards. (22 new plus 4 existing)
• DEC/PSSC: Reminder to all to confirm attendance to Lana Henry for the dinner next Wednesday.
• Award for Teaching: the discussion was about creating an award to recognize outstanding teachers. Who would make the nominations - Alan? PSSC? Staff? Parents? We discussed that homeroom teachers would be more likely nominated because more kids/parents know them however the M & R teachers are equally deserving (perhaps more so in some cases!) Karen Godsoe-Daigle would be a great first choice
• One-to-One Laptop Conference – 12 representatives from NMS (including 8 teachers) will be going to Memphis